Pierre Lachaine

It's just happy-snaps


Evidently, everyone on the internet is a great success and at the very least, a pro photographer. Me, just a bum with a camera. I laid the groundwork for it when I taught myself how to develop film and make prints in my studio apartment bathroom in the mid-70’s after a few years of using Kodak Instamatics and Polaroids.

In the real world of eating and raising a family, I was in the regular Canadian navy for four years by way of the Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP). After that, I worked as a civilian in the naval field both in and out of government, and I served in the army reserves an additional seven years, several of which were on full-time service. I had actually qualified to Lieutenant Colonel level when I was forced to abandon it one year short of a long service medal due to chronic renal failure. No pension, unfortunately.

I subsequently spent four years on hemodialysis until I finally received a kidney transplant from the waiting list. It’s better than being on dialysis, but on the other hand, it seems to be a frequent battle with various carcinomas and melanomas that pop up, encouraged by the obligatory immunosuppression.

I still take pictures for my own amusement. They aren’t really social media worthy, so I post some of them on here where nobody sees them.

Pierre Lachaîne

P.S. That was me in the picture, in my first incarnation as a naval officer in 1975.