Ottawa, colder than Moscow but warmer than Ulaanbaatar


I've been taking pictures with a little of everything from toy cameras to large format since the late 1960's. A lot of it was with Polaroids and cameras such as the Holga just for the fun of it... basically the same reason many pro photographers today use their iPhone.

For old times sake, that was me in the picture, as a young regular force naval Sub-Lieutenant (equivalent to a j.g. in the US), circa 1975. I was also a division head in the federal public service (administrative status of a naval Commander), a lexicographer and a technical translator... all of it primarily in the naval field, although I was also fully trained to Lieutenant Colonel level in the Army Reserves. I gradually dropped out of the loop at a relatively young age due to renal failure and four years on dialysis until a kidney transplant from the waiting list came along, and so it all came to naught anyway. 

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Pierre Lachaîne