No bokeh for you!


So I did the serious photography thing back in the mid-70's. I had a Pentax and an enlarger I would set up in my apartment bathroom on weekends when I wasn't busy being in the navy. That was me in the picture around that time.

I went through a bit of gear acquisition syndrome over a period of about a year, but at the same time, I began preferring to use my Polaroid SX-70 and I gradually reverted to the snapshot photography I had begun with in the first place. Consequently, I am not a photographer, faux or otherwise, and I am of no interest to anybody.

I still have my original Polaroids (the aforementioned SX-70, a Spectra System, a 635CL Supercolor and a Polaroid 450 pack film camera), but it's Impossibly-expensive to feed them, so I use my phone.

Pierre Lachaîne