Pierre Lachaine

Not a serious photographer


That was me in the regular navy in the 1970's and in the army reserves a decade later. Other than than, I was Chief of a Secretary of State division detached to National Defence, and eventually a contractor in naval technical translation and republishing. Unfortunately, I developed chronic renal failure in my 20's and I eventually ended up on hemodialysis for four years, while I waited for a kidney transplant from the waiting list. It eventually came one night, I was told from a young man who died as a result of an automobile accident. By that time, I had dropped out of the loop and now I'm an over-educated, over-qualified bum.

Photographically, I once used an original Diana toy camera in the 1960’s, and I did the Tri-X and darkroom thing in the mid-1970's on weekends when I wasn't too busy with the navy. I am not now nor have I ever aspired to be a photographer, but I do take pictures... none of which are amazing. stunning, haunting, breath-taking, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring or mind-bending, or have been taken under the influence of passionism.

Pierre Lachaine
Ottawa, Canada