Ottawa, colder than Moscow but warmer than Ulaanbaatar


Pressing the button since I began with inexpensive roll film Polaroids and a plastic Diana toy camera in the latter 1960's. I later taught myself how to develop film and make prints in my studio apartment bathroom while I was in the navy in the mid-70's.

In the real world of making a living and raising a family, not including an 11 year break in service while I was a civilian manager at National Defence Headquarters (administratively equivalent to a navy Commander when I left for the private sector), I served a combined total of eleven years in the Canadian Armed Forces after graduating from university as part of the Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP), which includes 4 years regular navy and 7 army reserves (with several years worth of full-time service and extensive training with the regular army). I was fully command-qualified to Lieutenant Colonel level when I was forced to resign one year short of earning the Canadian Forces long service medal because of chronic renal failure.

For old times sake, that was me in the picture, as a young naval Sub Lieutenant (equivalent to a j.g. in the US), circa 1975.

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Pierre Lachaîne